Planning and Development Working Group

All APRA residents live within the St Albans Conservation Area, designed to preserve and enhance areas of architectural and historic interest. This not set in aspic, but building developments are subject to a number of regulatory procedures operated by the SADC planning department. Many properties are Listed (either nationally by English Heritage, or locally by SADC itself) and much of our area is subject to Article 4 Direction, which is even more restrictive in terms of what can be done and what permission is required.

In 2013, while still in embryonic form, APRA commented on building applications for conversion of Nationwide House at 20 Lower Dagnall Street into flats, for the installation of a mechanical car park at the same address, and for the redevelopment of The Spotted Bull public house at 43-45 Verulam Road (the latter ongoing in 2014).

Terms of Reference
The APRA Planning and Development Working Group, led by Robert Pankhurst and Peter Trevelyan, will monitor SADC planning application and building works within our area, as advertised on the SADC website or brought to our attention by concerned residents and/or the Civic Society. We will examine those that we consider could have a strong impact on the area or on individual neighbours (both positive and negative impacts). Where appropriate we will take part in public consultation on behalf of members by writing letters and, if necessary, speaking at Planning Committee (Central) meetings. In most cases this will involve reporting to and seeking endorsement by the APRA Committee.

Our Planning Policy explains in more detail how and when we get involved. To read it, please click here.

If you are concerned about any imminent development and would like APRA to consider getting involved, please contact us at

You can view APRA news updates about planning and development issues here.