Car Parking Working Group

Parking for residents in our area is grossly insufficient, having suffered in recent years from safety alterations to road layouts; eg, in 2012, 309 permits were issued for 209 Zone B spaces. Promises to replace lost spaces have not been fulfilled. Proximity to the city centre and its amenities also leads to conflict with non-residents.

SADC Councillors and its Car Parking Working Party (CPWP) are sympathetic to the plight of residents and consistently claim that dealing with other issues (eg, School buses) should not be allowed to make the present situation worse. Petitions have been submitted to Cllr Read (Chair of CPWP) for residents’ only parking in zones B & Q (ie, restriction daily from 8.30am to 10pm, as currently in Zone E), and it is clear that a broad-ranging approach to the problem is required. APRA will work together with Council and other Residents Associations to achieve this.

Terms of Reference
Our Car Parking Working Group (led by Justin Douglas) represent APRA’s interests in all matters pertaining to parking in its catchment area. We will oppose further reduction in parking bays and continue to press for the restoration of lost bays in any way feasible while respecting the character of the area. We will encourage SADC to consider radical solutions, such as increasing restriction hours, allowing permit holders overnight use of council car parks, and allowing residents to park in adjacent zones when necessary. This will involve collaboration with other Residents Associations, SADC, Herts CC and any other relevant bodies to protect, promote and maximise residents’ parking for residents in priority over others. The WG will confer with and involve other committee members as appropriate and report to the committee on meetings, significant issues and progress.

If you have any comments or ideas on this issue, please contact us at [email protected].

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