Environmental Working Group

We are fortunate to enjoy living in a relatively clean part of the country without obvious pollution from heavy industry. That said, we do have environmental issues to be concerned with, not just for our own clean enjoyment of our area, but the wider responsibility to the world at large and future generations. Vehicle fumes, and littering in the Abbey Orchard, are matters of particular local concern. Secondly, although present rules are already somewhat complex, we would also like to help improve recycling in our area.

Terms of Reference
The Environmental Working Group (led by Justin Douglas and Michael Ormiston) has two main aims:

  1. To bring instances of environmental pollution including litter, noise and noxious fumes within the APRA area to the attention of the relevant authority; where possible we hope to recommend ideas that improve the situation.
  2. To help promote better environmental standards for all of us living in the area by offering advice and ideas.

Please contact us at environmental@aprastalbans.org.

You can view APRA news updates about environmental issues here.

Local environmental charities