St Albans School Buses: Update and Correction to Minutes of 2016 AGM

Item 2 reported that “Our proposed Code of Conduct for School bus operations had been ‘tweaked’ and passed to the School for approval”.

This was our understanding of the situation as relayed to the meeting. Unfortunately it appears that it was incorrect and we now know that St Albans School has not yet received an official copy from SADC, who have had our draft version since June 2016 when it was submitted as part of our response to the new Zone B car parking plan. We have been told that SADC are still working with the School on a potential code to ensure both Road Safety and the safety of schoolchildren: they hope to have this ready within the next few weeks. Our own version was passed to the Headmaster in January.

With the new Zone B TRO about to come into effect (6 March), traffic wardens will be able to issue Penalty Charge Notices to any vehicles blocking the bus and coach stand along the wall in Romeland Hill during the hours specified. If this proves effective it should help to ease rush-hour congestion in the road. Please keep us informed of any problems.