10th Committee Meeting, 12 October 2015

Minutes of tenth APRA Committee Meeting, 12 October 2015, 8pm at 13 College Street.

1. Present: Peter Trevelyan (Chair), Geoff Dyson, Robert Pankhurst, Justin Douglas. Apologies: Andrew Yaras, John Hedges, Gillian Field, Norman James (co-opted).

2. Minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed.

3. Matters arising. Peter would ask Brian Young if he had been disturbed by films and TV shown in the garden of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks – no complaints had been received. [PT]

4. On-going issues were briefly reviewed:

Our comments to the Ombudsman on her draft report on the unsatisfactory Safety Audit of a de facto bus stop in Romeland Hill were still being considered. Unfortunately this was delaying the TRO necessary to change the car-parking rules for Zones B,E and Q.

Cllr Hill had taken up residents’ complaints about people sleeping, drinking and littering in TankerfieldGardens. SADC was proposing a Public Place Protection Order. This would still require police enforcement, but they had agreed to prioritise incidents – further action could only be taken by court with personal complaint against identified individuals.

Thames Water were disputing their responsibility for the cost of full restitution of the Romeland water leak site.

GD had notified the dangerous wall on the Gombards footpath; the Abbey had finally but definitively denied responsibility for the Abbey Mill Lane wall. Repairs on the footpaths in Lower Dagnall Street were being undertaken (with Sandy Walkington’s budget).

Cllr Hill would present a motion to Council (14 October) to adopt powers to issue PCNs for littering.

5. AGM. Announcement for 17 November AGM and call for committee nominations (deadline 27 Oct) would be printed and distributed through Street Reps [RP, JD]. Edgar Hill had agreed to give a talk on being a Councillor.

6. The Brickyard.
A reply would be sent to Mr Hanning declining collaboration of residents over sound testing on 16 October –would be unrealistic and of no value. [PT]
A letter of support for residents objecting to the new licence application for use of the front courtyard after 11 pm would be sent to SADC [PT].
A meeting with Licensing Dept had been arranged to initiate a call for a Licence Review. The CRA and other individual RAs, as well as the Civic Society, would probably support the call. NJ would continue to investigate the appropriateness of a Community Protection Order.

7. AOB. Social event. Justin had established that The Lower Red Lion could do a hog-roast in the Spring. We should also investigate the possibility of Tankerfield House (Alberto) for something sooner. [JD]

Meeting closed at 21.40.