14th Committee Meeting, 29 June 2016

Abbey Precincts Residents Association
Minutes of fourteenth APRA Committee Meeting, 29 June 2016, 8.00 pm, 13 College St.

1. Present: Peter Trevelyan (Chair), Geoff Dyson, Robert Pankhurst, John Hedges, Norman James, Justin Douglas and, briefly at the end, Guy Marshall. Apologies: Andrew Yaras.

2. Gillian Field has resigned due to family commitments and we should write formally to thank her for her previous work and for agreeing to remain as Street Rep for George Street and Romeland [RP]. Last meeting’s Minutes were approved and signed.

3. Matters arising. None of us had been able to attend Larks in the Parks but it was understood to have been very successful. Pavement parking along Verulam Road beside the playing fields was a potential hazard if the proposed new parking scheme goes ahead.

4. Car Parking. Some of us were at a very constructive meeting with Cllr Edgar Hill and John Charlton (SADC) to discuss possible modifications to the Zone B scheme, followed up in written communications. We asked for an 8.30 am start time to restrictions, free overnight parking until this time in Gombards car park, a Code of Conduct for school buses using the single loading space (double yellow) opposite Welclose St, and reconsideration of potential extra bays identified by Justin. John Charlton agreed to raise all of these with the CPWP, but there is no specific mention of this on the Agenda for their delayed meeting on 5 July. John would ring to query: he and RP would attend.

4. Some noise disturbance has been apparent from the Brickyard on recent Friday and Saturday nights, but closure of the rear garden at 10 pm is being observed and so far only one direct complaint to SADC has been made. Aboyne RA are planning a submission to the Planning Inspectorate to support refusal of permission for lowering the front courtyard brick wall and we would add our support. [RP]

5. Planning issues included some raised directly by Cll Edgar Hill and a proposal for three 2-bedroom houses on the garage space at the far end of College Place. APRA was supporting residents in the latter case with major concerns over wear and tear on the road and drainage systems – the proposal has been called in to committee. The extreme overload suffered by the Planning Department, partly due to understaffing, was noted but we had to keep up pressure to maintain the values of the Conservation Area. [RP, PT]

6. We should use the September APRA party (below) to campaign for new members and try to identify possible new committee members. [All]

7. The draft Newsletter was discussed. John thought the use of colour distracting, but Peter liked the framing of text. It was agreed to move the party announcement to the front page. Robert was thanked for producing this. [RP]

8. Thanks to Norman and Guy Marshall, and the generosity of the Bishop of Richborough, we now had a date for an APRA party in the garden of Parkside House (September 10, 2-4 pm). A subcommittee led by Norman and Justin (and with Guy Marshall) would take responsibility for organising this, with an initial budget of £250. It should be free to paid-up members. Sponsorship might be sought from local PHs. [NJ, JD]

9. The next AGM should be either 16 or 23 November – Robert would try to arrange with Spicer Street Church as before. We would need to agree on proposals to revise the Constitution or the Committee would have to stand down en masse. [RP]

10. Next meeting was provisionally set for 19 September following the APRA party.

The meeting closed at 10.05 pm.