21st APRA Committee Meeting, 18 January 2018

Abbey Precincts Residents Association
Minutes of 21st APRA Committee Meeting, 18 January 2018, 8.00pm, Six Bells PH

1. Present: Peter Trevelyan (Chair), Robert Pankhurst, Geoff Dyson, Norman James, Kate Buckley, Sally Hickman. Apologies: Andrew Yaras, Justin Douglas

2. Minutes of the last committee meeting were approved.

3. Robert reported on e-mail messages from APRA Secretary being reported as ‘spam’, resulting in the IP being blacklisted just before Christmas. This had now been cleared but we have to re-build our mailing list on an opt-in basis (being handled by Justin), which was necessary before further considering the organization of Street Reps. We need to take account of European Data Protection regulations due in May.

4. Membership renewal was slow but the mailing list update should encourage more.

5. Peter repeated Moragh Ormiston’s offer of help with specific tasks without joining the committee. Responsibility for Street Reps should be undertaken by a committee member, but we could use help with the membership list and recruitment [PT, JD, RP].

6. Consultation for the SADC Local Plan 2018 was discussed: we should write of our concern at the lack of vision for the city centre and policy for care of the Conservation Areas [PT, RP, KB]. This should be shared with other RAs and the Civic Society before the 21 February deadline: GD would raise it at the CRA. Robert had contacted the Civic Society about celebrating 50 years of Conservation Areas and Norman had asked SAHAAS (‘Arc &  Arc’) for advice on new commemorative plaques.

7. Social Events. Norman had made a preliminary enquiry as to the availability of the Parkside House garden for a summer event. Jon Mein (SAHAAS) had responded to a request for a potential talk with an offer on the history of the 18th century ‘Collegium Insanorum’ and the local area, which was enthusiastically received. Robert would follow this up, hopefully for late March to mid April – it could also be open to other local RAs.

8. Kate reported on correspondence with SADC concerning ‘wheelie’ bins in parts of the Conservation Area: they confirmed that this is against policy and will circulate households with further instructions. SADC would welcome APRA’s collaboration – such information could be included in an information pack for new residents.

9. Ideas for improving the Lower Dagnall Street–College Street junction would be discussed with Sandy Walkington along with a detailed update of urgently needed road and pavement repairs. Some residents (e.g., in Abbey Mill Lane) had voluntarily improved overgrown verges and small green plots which should be commended and encouraged throughout the area. Kate had established useful contact with Affinity over planned water works – recent re-instatement had been very acceptable.

10. Pollution, especially related to motor-engine idling was a major problem and we should support all efforts to reduce this.

11. AOB. We should watch for submission of plans for Heritage Close and the Fighting Cocks PH. The organisers of the BID (Business Improvement District) might be approached to help clean up George Street (e.g., paint the lamp-posts).

12. We now have more than enough material for a Newsletter, including most of the above issues, and this should be prioritised [PT, RP].

The meeting closed at 9.55 pm