18th APRA Committee Meeting, 13 June 2017

Abbey Precincts Residents Association
Minutes of 18th APRA Committee Meeting, 13 June 2017, 8.00pm, Six Bells PH, St Michael’s

1. Present: Peter Trevelyan (Chair), Robert Pankhurst, John Hedges, Norman James, Andrew Yaras, Sally Hickman, Justin Douglas, Geoff Dyson.

2. Minutes for the last committee meeting and the AGM were approved.

3. The new Zone B car parking system had not yet been fully implemented (no SKC lines at the School gate and buses still stopping there). More difficulty was being experienced by Abbey Mill Lane and Orchard Street residents, but elsewhere parking during the day at least seemed to be easier. The scheme was likely to be finally reviewed in September/October. [JH]

4. The APRA drinks evening at Parkside House was confirmed as 6-8 pm on Friday 30th June. A budget of £125 was considered appropriate. Norman and Robert would circulate an invitation [NJ/RP].

5. The status of various planning applications on which APRA had commented was reviewed: 1 Mount Pleasant (resubmission narrowly refused by Planning Committee on 12 June), College Place garage site (second submission refused, appeal by applicant to HM Inspectorate in progress – the parlous state of the road surface which had recently suffered water mains leakage was also noted), and 10 Pondwicks Close (no action apparent on breaches of conditions – a letter would be sent to SADC complaining about the ineffectiveness of enforcement on this and other issues [RP]. The Heritage Close re-development was still at the pre-application stage, but there are major concerns about disturbance and vehicle access if more restaurants are included. The re-application for a new St Albans School Maths Faculty building was discussed: there are concerns with regard to continued intensive development on the (part) Green Belt site, expansion of user numbers if made available to other schools, and the lack of a linked Travel Plan to mitigate traffic congestion in the Conservation Area – an objection would be drafted [PT/RP].

6. Justin had sent reminders on unpaid subscriptions and had received some back-payments. A further (final) reminder would be sent soon [JD].

7. John reported on the meeting for Street Reps. Only a few had attended but they had been enthusiastic, with positive ideas on researching street names and unofficial ‘blue plaques’ for the APRA website to encourage pride in the area’s history. Further Street Rep meetings should be held, at least annually. We should replace inactive street reps.

8. Sally had supplied information on how small charities deal with committee election and retirement procedures. It was agreed that phased replacement was desirable but that the present Constitution was too rigid with respect to Officers’ terms, and that Officers should not be elected at the AGM but appointed by and from the Committee itself. The basis for a more practical version of the Constitution was agreed and would be drafted [PT/RP]

9. A Newsletter was now due, but preparation could be held over until after the drinks party, at which we might seek a potential editor.

The meeting closed at 10.00 pm