APRA issues poll

Prior to the 2013 APRA IGM, and for a couple of weeks afterwards, we asked residents to indicate their main priorities for action. The results are shown here.

The poll is now closed, but we welcome further comments on what you think we should be doing via the contact us link.

Subscription, nominations & constitution opinions

As you may have gathered from the draft constitution, we intend to encourage communication by electronic means wherever possible for those that cannot attend the IGM. You may vote only for those motions set out in the notice for the meeting. Voting on nominations or propositions coming from members during the course of a meeting cannot be be done electronically, at least not yet.

Although the IGM is being held at Spicer Street Church at 8.00 pm on 12 November please note that electronic voting is available only until 12.00 Noon on Tuesday 12 November 2013.

Voting is open only to those who intend to become APRA members by paying the appropriate annual subscription. The proposed subscriptions are:

Individual £5: One vote

Couple (at same address) £8: Two votes

Business £10: One vote

There is some slight difficulty as we have not yet agreed the constitution or the subscription levels, but we have to start somewhere!

Vote on subscriptions, nominations and constitution. This poll is now closed.